Annie Besant Hostel

Annie Besant Hostel is one of the oldest hostels of University Constituent Colleges. It has a glorious history of 67 years with its inauguration done by the then Governor of Rajasthan. Mother Teresa Hostel came into existence much later as an extension to Annie Besant Hostel due to the increasing number of applicants. Mother Teresa Hostel was inaugurated by the then Governor of Rajasthan, His Excellency Shree Anshuman Singh with Prof. K.L. Kamal, Vice-Chancellor, University of Rajasthan on 22/02/2001.

Presently, both the hostels provide residence to 360 girls after an increase of 20 seats in the academic session 2014-15. The students from all the streams of Arts, Science, Commerce, Home science, Computer applications are given admission in the hostel on merit basis. In each year of graduation (I, II and III) 50 students are from Arts, 25 from Science (Maths and Biology) and 25 from Commerce. Remaining seats have a pre- defined division between sports quota, home science; management and computer applications.

The Chief Warden of maharani College hostels is, Prof. Vidya Jain , Principal and the Warden is Dr. Nimali Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Home Science (Foods and Nutrition). The team includes two Assistant Wardens – Mrs. Richa Chaturvedi and Dr. Akanksha Mahendra (Assistant Professor), both from the Home Science Department, Faculty of Foods and Nutrition. In this academic year various developmental activities have taken place with maintenance work for rooms on a large scale, establishment of RO plant for safe and clean drinking water for hostellers, installation of geysers in bathrooms, modernization of mess kitchen, renovation of dishwashing area for students and repair of guards room, refurbishing of Guest room in the hostels.

Events: Three events were organized by the hostel administration for students- Welcome Party, Thanks Giving Party, Farewell and Annie Besant Night clubbed together. Preparations of Annie Besant Night were highly appreciated by the hostellers.

A small workshop on personality development was organized.

Celebration of Women's day: Various NGOs made presentations on International Women's Day before the students and various competitions were organized by the PCPNDT Department of Government of Rajasthan. The occasion was graced by Mr. Neeraj K. Pawan, Additional Director, NUHM, Mr. Narottam Das, CMHO, Jaipur –I. Besides these steps remedial measures have also been taken to check the safety of girls.

Inauguration of Modern mess: The modernized mess was inaugurated by Honorable Vice Chancellor Shri Hanuman Singh Bhati on 12th April 2015. He was very appreciative of the team work and said that clean and hygienic food preparation and service will definitely improve the health of students and mess workers. He said that other mess in the University Campus should take action in the same direction. He also directed the team to come up with a proposal for University hostels.

The mess is designed to provide safe and hygienic food to the inmates and at the same time smokeless kitchen keeping in mind the health of the cooks and helpers. All cooking surfaces are of stainless steel which can be washed easily for maximum cleanliness. Introduction of dough kneader, sandwich griller and idli steamer will not only add to variety but also provide wholesome meals.

Pulveriser for making of chuttnies and for making pastes of gravies and batters for idli dosa are also new to the system. Hygienic area for dishwashing is also created in the mess. For serving 2 Bain marie has been introduced with side plate counter and trolleys for carrying soiled utensils. This is first of its kind mess in the University and a step toward modernization and food safety features envisioned by Principal Maharani's College.

The dedicated team included Principal and Chief Warden, Warden Dr Nimali Singh, Assistant Warden Ms Richa Chaturvedi, and Dr Akanksha Mahendra from Home Science Department. Prof Amita Sharma and Dr Mukta Agrawal, Vice Principals were also the supporting pillars. The designing of mess was done by the team from Home Science Department. The committee included- Dr Mukta Agarwal, Dr Kanika Varma, Dr Nimali Singh, Dr Shubha Dube and Dr Reshma Boolchandani. The support from University Engineer Mr Anil Gupta made the event fruitful.