B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) Honours Seats : 180

Code No. Subject Combination
302 ABST 4 Papers of ABST
1 Paper of EAFM
1 Paper of Bus. Admn.
302 Bus. Admn. 4 Papers of Bus. Admn.
1 Paper of ABST
1 Paper of EAFM
304 EAFM 4 Papers of ABST
1 Paper of ABST
1 Paper of Bus. Admn

ABST-Accountancy and Business Statistics
Bus. Admn.-Business Administration
EAFM-Economics Administration & Financial Management

Note : Minimum number of applicants in each honours subject must be 15 to run the Honours course.

Compulsory Subjects

Elementary Computer Applications
Environmental Studies
General Hindi/Ele. Hindi*
General English.

Book Keeping & Accountancy**
* For Foreign and non-Hindi speaking students only
**For Non-commerce Students only.